Our Team

Our staff is a diverse group of highly skilled, committed and spirited people. We encourage collaboration, openness and respect in the workplace to create a sense of empowerment for staff to use their knowledge, skills and experience to provide the best possible outcomes.

SARA is governed by an Executive Board consisting of 07 eminent dedicated visionary persons elected democratically by its General Body.

Board Members

Jimmy Nirmal


Hiral Parmar

Vice President

Kalsingh Bhuriya


Daisy Bhuriya


Vijay Pratap Singh


Farukh R Shaikh


Navli Thandar


Elections to the Board are held every two and half years. There is a decentralized management system headed by the President, who is supported by a group of skilled, professional and administrative staff, both at the head office in Jhabua and in project offices. The various programmes and project team performances are monitored at regular intervals during staff meetings, sometimes also by professional evaluators. An evaluation of SARA takes place every five years. SARA believes in upgrading the skills and capacities of its staff for successful implementation of the programs and accordingly SARA organizes need-based training programmes regularly. Besides this, staff members are also deputed for training to other organizations of repute in India.

Team Member

Nilesh Hihor

Project Manager

Toshika Chouhan

Project Manager

Tarun Rathore


Paridhi Choudhary

Master Trainer (IT)

Rukhsar Qureshi

Master Trainer (Tailoring)

Pooja Damor

Master Trainer (Beauty Parlor)

Santosh Pal


Pushpendra Joshi


Khushal Jhaniya

Cluster Coordinator

Buting Parmar

Cluster Coordinator

Ratan Vasuniya

Cluster Coordinator

Rakesh Meda

Cluster Coordinator

Ranu Rathore

Counsellor, (OSC)

Sonam Bamnia

Case Worker, (OSC)

Priyanka Varma

Case Worker (OSC)

Gorti Damor

Case Worker (OSC)

Ankita Lakheri

Office Asst (IT-OSC)

Premlata Vasuniya

Off Asst, (OSC)

Anjula Rathor

Multipurpose Worker (OSC)

Harshita Dabar

NC, Vaccination Prog

Kali Panchal

Cluster Coordinator

Ashish Bhabor

NC, Vaccination Prog

Centre for Educational Research and Training

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SARA is proud to work with several organizations from both the public and private sectors, including central and state level governments, corporations, not-for-profit organizations, foundations. Through their support, SARA is able to continue its work in Women & Child Development, Health & Hygiene, Water & Sanitation, Agriculture, Organic Farming, Skill Development, Income Generation activities & Livelihood and development sector especially at the grass root level with the active participation of the people from its inception in 2011.

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